Terms of service


Last Updated: March 22nd, 2022


Vacation Rentals Cleaning specializes in turnovers for nightly short term rentals. Our standard turnover service is a basic level clean to get the property ready for the next guests. This clean includes making beds, doing laundry, washing bathrooms, fridge wipe down, staging, etc. This service does not include deeper cleaning items like baseboard & vent cleaning, deep fridge cleaning, etc. We do provide a separate deep cleaning service, and would be happy to have our team come out and quote you separately for this. If there is any question as to whether or not something is included in our basic turnover service please do not hesitate to ask. We own and manage a large number of short term rental properties and have had ample experience in this industry. Our service is aimed to provide 5 star cleaning reviews across the board. While this is our goal every guest has a different standard of quality. We have a long track record of 5 star cleaning reviews, but must also acknowledge that we cannot guarantee a 5 star review from guests. What we can guarantee is that we will provide consistent high quality turnover cleans that the average short term rental guest would be very pleased with. 


We bill weekly on Monday. If there is a holiday it will be the next business day. We will invoice billable activities from the past week, Monday-Sunday. The invoice is due upon receipt. Payment can be made via Debit card, credit card, or bank transfer which are delivered via email and can be paid via QuickBooks online billing options. No other forms of payment will be accepted (As specific situations arrive we can facilitate other means of payment for emergencies). To ensure payment, we ask to have a card on file. If no payment is made within 24 hours after the invoice is received, the payment method on file will be charged. If the payment fails all cleaning services will be suspended until payment is received and a 10% late fee will apply to all outstanding invoices. If a credit card is used by the client the associated credit card fees will be passed on to the client which is a 3% of the total. Any accounts we are unable to collect on will be sent to a collections agency and be subject to a 45% collections fee.


At Vacation Rentals Cleaning we pride ourselves on being a consistent and reliable option for our clients. If a client does not have a cleaning within a calendar month a monthly retainer charge of $25 per month per property will be charged to the client. A client may place their account ‘ON HOLD’ which will pause all cleaning and automation services. A client must notify Vacation Rentals Cleaning with written notice to place their account on hold and also to remove the hold on their account. 


Vacation Rentals Cleaning has a single phone number and email address that will become the official means of communication with Vacation Rentals Cleaning. Any communication received outside of these two means of communication will not be considered official notice. These two channels of communication are monitored by several members of our team. Please direct all cleaning communication to this email address or phone number. Our hours of communication by text message or phone are between 8 AM MST to 5 PM MST Monday through Friday and 9 AM MST to 4 PM MST on Saturdays. Text messages or phone calls received outside of these hours will not receive a response or call back until the next day. Sundays we still may message and call to facilitate turnovers but will not initiate new conversations.  


Our cleaning team uses their own cleaning chemicals, rags, etc. Homeowner agrees to supply all other required items in order to complete facilitate a seamless turnover. This includes necessary replenishment items like toilet paper, paper towels, etc. If in-house laundry service is provided homeowner will supply laundry detergent. The homeowner also agrees to have at least a duplicate set of sheets and towels in case of damage caused by any guests.


As part of every turnover we will notify hosts with estimates of low inventory counts of the following items: toilet paper, paper towels, Shampoo/Conditioner, body soap, Hand soap, & dish soap. This will include the refilling of the host provided containers from host provided stock piles. If the host wants any other item monitored they will be responsible to pay $2 per item per turnover. If they would like a precise count that fee will increase by $1 per item per turnover. Additional items must be outlined in writing by the owner and received by Vacation Rentals Cleaning. We will do our best to notify of other items but can not guarantee reports unless we are requested and contracted to do so. 


At Vacation Rentals Cleaning we always aim to provide A+ quality service. However, we do acknowledge from time to time certain items can be missed by our cleaning team. In this rare occurrence it is expected of both the homeowner and Vacation Rentals Cleaning to handle this situation professionally.  The most effective means of communication for this is to document the issue via photograph and send either a text or email. In doing so we will make sure that the proper coaching is done so that our team will not make the same mistake in the future.


At Vacation Rentals Cleaning we run a tight schedule and our cleaning crews are often handling multiple cleans per day. For this reason, we cannot be responsible for removing holdover guests. Our cleaning crew will knock on the door to let the guests know they are there to clean, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner/property manager to ensure that the guests are out of the property at the time specified. If Vacation Rentals Cleaning is required to wait around for the guests to vacate there will be an additional charge of $20 for each 15 minutes of waiting. We are understanding of guests rushing out of the home and offer a 15 minute grace period. However, anything over 15 minutes will require an additional fee charged. We will communicate with the homeowner informing them of the situation. Our team will wait at the property up to 40 minutes. At that point we will communicate to the homeowner that we are leaving the property and our $40 coordination error fee will take effect.


As mentioned above, at Vacation Rentals Cleaning we run a tight schedule and our cleaning crews are often handling multiple cleans per day. However, we can accommodate an early check in or a late check out for a $30 fee if we are given at least a 48 hour notice. These will need to be approved with our operations manager to ensure that we have our scheduling properly aligned and that our cleaning crew can finish the clean in the window allotted. We CANNOT accommodate these requests within 48 hours of the clean window as our cleaning schedule is locked in at that point.


Vacation Rentals Cleaning does not offer services on New Year’s day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day subject to availability. While we do not offer services on these holidays feel free to ask as we may be able to provide cleaning services but reserve the right to refuse service on these days. Additionally, Vacation Rentals Cleaning will charge 1.4 times the normal rate for work done on the previously listed holidays and the following holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving day), Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. 


If our cleaning crew shows up to the property and for one reason or another the guest is not checking out Vacation Rentals Cleaning will still invoice a dispatch fee for $40. If this error is made on behalf of Vacation Rentals Cleaning the homeowner will not be charged for this. Additionally, it the home is not safe or not in a functional state the client will also be invoiced. 


Automation saves time. All of our time is valuable and that is why focus so heavily on automating the cleaning process for our hosts, property managers, and homeowners. When we have to step away from our standard processes and Vacation Rental Cleaning approved software it adds extra work which merits extra compensation. Our software can integrate with any booking platform or guest management system that has an iCal API integration, which most do. For clients that require us to manually add every cleaning, there will be an extra charge of $10 per cleaning. All EVOLVE customers will be subject to the outlined extra fees. For clients that want Vacation Rentals Cleaning to use external software that we do not use regularly will be required to pay extra fees per turnover as agreed upon by the client and us. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel service to clients that require us to use “their” software, process, or system. 


While our cleaners are trained to pay attention to potential damage caused by guests and report everything they find, we are not held responsible for any damage caused by guests. We will do our best to notify you as the homeowner, but cannot guarantee that every damaged item will be spotted by our team as this is outside of our scope of work. 


We require at least a 24 hr notice for all cleanings. We often times are able to get our team out there to clean with shorter than a 24 hr notice but due to potential scheduling conflicts cannot guarantee this will always be a viable option. In the event there is a same day booking it is critical that you call so that we can make sure we do everything we can to coordinate this clean. 


The homeowner, property manager, or client of Vacation Rentals Cleaning is responsible for providing safe and functional working conditions. We require that the homes have working power (electricity), running water, heating systems, and/or cooling systems. We also require that the home have fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits onsite. We retain the right to refuse services if the home is not safe or functional. We also require that home be vacant during the majority of the time when our cleaning team is onsite. Clients are allowed to visit the property while our team is there but we require that you allow us to clean your home without in-person monitoring to allow for appropriate working conditions. The client will be subject to fees as outlined in ‘COORDINATION ERROR & DISPATCH FEES’.


Vacation Rentals Cleaning is a cleaning company for the interior of a Vacation Rental home and is not a property management company. Exterior areas are not included unless agreed upon between the client and Vacation Rentals Cleaning in writing. If we are asked to do property management work we retain the right to refuse as it is outside of our scope of work. To clarify, property management is the daily oversight of issues pertaining to the proper maintenance and operation of amenities, features, electronics, furnishings, terry or linens and day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. Replacing batteries, filters, maintaining spas, repairing or replacing anything, coordinating contractors, restocking inventory closets/areas, and/or other like activities is outside of our scope of work unless agreed upon by the client and Vacation Rentals Cleaning in writing. 

Example 1: Refilling dispensers and restock toilet paper on the toilet roll holder is within our scope. Example 2: Replacing broken dispensers and acquiring new paper towels is outside of our scope. 

If Vacation Rentals Cleaning is responsible for damages or loss of item(s), though proper documentation, they will credit to the client or replace the item as agreed upon between the client and Vacation Rentals Cleaning


Vacation Rentals Cleaning retains the right to update and change their terms, policies, and pricing. Clients will be notified via their indicated main point of contact email and given 2 weeks notice until the new terms, policies, or pricing is implemented. Clients can communicate with Vacation Rentals Cleaning directly to express concerns and ask questions with the goal of coming to an agreement that is fair for both the client and Vacation Rentals Cleaning. Terms and Policies will be always be available for clients at https://www.vacationrentalscleaning.com/termsandpolicies/ and pricing will be available at https://www.vacationrentalscleaning.com/pricing/. All alterations to these outlined terms & policies and pricing be and agreed upon by both clients and Vacation Rentals Cleanings in writing.