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Aaron Kirkham


Kira Dark


Who are we?

We are Aaron & Kira. An cleaning expert and vacation rental expert. While we know we look young, but don't let that fool you we have started & owned several businesses, managed vacation rental homes since 2013, and started a vacation rental cleaning business. We both found our way to vacation rentals differently and added both our knowledge to build an automated, handsoff, and review building service.

Aaron Kirkham
For me it started when I started renting out a small room in my basement and I quickly learned how profitable a vacation rental could be. My wife, Rachel, and I started building & managing more vacation rentals for ourselves & others. For years we would personally clean each property after our guests would leave. With our growth it got to the point where they would often times be cleaning 7-10 times per week and with a full time job and children this became quite complicated juggling our time. After doing this for so long the time came to hire a cleaning crew. As we started working with various cleaning crews the a property would get clean but we were consistently disappointed with their lack of attention to detail. From years of cleaning our properties we gained an eye for what was important to displaying our properties in the best light possible but could not find the right partner to help.

Kira Dark
Yo! Kira here! My path to Vacation Rentals was from the opposite side of vacation rental management. I have always cleaned homes residentially since 2009. My partner and I started a gym which was on auto-pilot and I started to build up my cleaning clients. I saw a Facebook post of some guy looking for an Airbnb cleaner so I thought I would give it a go. Well come to find out, Aaron and I really found a good grove. Soon enough I was cleaning all or Aaron's homes but other's wanted our help and we had reached our limit. We needed more help but we were constantly disappointed with other companies standards.

From experience we knew that the small details are a critical aspect to getting 5 star reviews, and consequently getting more bookings in return. We would go into our properties after the cleaning crew had left and see things like the remotes being crooked, pillows kind of just thrown on the couch, etc. All of these are very minor details that we found directly correlated to our guests impression of our property and how they treated it. That's when it hit us:

If we can't find anybody that can clean to our standards, then the only option is to hire our own employees and train them to see the property exactly how a guest would and that is exactly what we did! Vacation Rentals Cleaning was born.

We truly believe that we are the #1 vacation rental cleaning service in the Salt Lake Valley? Why? Because we are our own clients. We still rent out properties and use our cleaning service. We know the struggles, and so we have curated a team that can handle every need for a vacation rental owner and we are wanting to share this with our vacation rental community.

With Thousands of Cleaners in Salt lake city, why choose us?

Whether you run a small AirBNB out of your basement or you are managing multiple large properties we can assure you that by being on this page you are in the right place. There are two different types of vacation rental hosts who are our clientele. We have the hosts who clean their own property (like my wife and I used to do) and those who have hired a cleaning crew but may be looking for a better solution (like a lot of our happy clients). The answer is simple for both groups.

Here is what sets Vacation Rentals Cleaning apart from the rest:

1. We work in the vacation rental industry and so we know exactly what guests are looking for when they are leaving a review. Every member of our cleaning crew is trained specifically to handle vacation rentals. While most companies are looking to get large commercial clients and do various residential cleanings, we are focused specifically on what we consider to be our bread and butter: Doing the highest quality turnarounds for short term rentals on the market. We have a specific training process that we put each cleaner through to ensure that your home is presented in the absolute best light when a guest comes in.

2. Partnering with us opens up the possibility to increase income. I know what you might be thinking: “Well we are going to be paying you to do the cleaning, so how can that increase income?” We had that exact opinion before we started hiring out our cleanings. Here is what we found that blew us away: By having a professional cleaning crew we were able to fill gaps in our calendar that wouldn’t be filled otherwise. Prior to having a professional cleaning service we would see 1-2 day vacancies on the calendar and do nothing with it. Once we weren’t the ones directly handling the cleaning we saw an opportunity. We started bumping down the rates for those vacancies knowing that we weren’t going to be the ones handling the cleaning. Before we knew it we were making more money filling these vacancies than we were from the cleaning fees. The best part is we didn’t have to deal with the head ache of handling the turnaround because our cleaning crew was taking care of it for us and we were making more money!

3. Because of the large quantity of cleanings we perform we are able to negotiate lower rates with cleaners. If you were to try and hire a cleaner on your own, chances are you’d have a hard time beating our rates. Our volume allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

We Promise You

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Affordable Price
100% Satisfaction

We want to do such a good job that you can’t help but to tell your family and friends about us. Most of our clients come from word of mouth, and we hope to keep that tradition going! 

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